Australasian Student Design Awards 2010

In recent years, Sustainable Design has moved past its pop-culture status to form a key requirement of any good design process. Sustainable Designs allow us to […]

The Big Drink by Vert Design

Simone Brandse and Justin Drape came up with the idea of installing a massive drinking straw in the waters of Bondi Beach at the Sculpture by the […]

Cup & Jug by Vert Design

Made from free-blown glass the jug is an exploration of ergonomics. The design incorporates a form that is simple and natural to use. The form has […]

Pear Bowl by Vert Design

Free blown frosted soda lime glass. The pear bowls are available individuallyl or as a pair that come from two parts of the whole.

Beak Vase by Vert Design

Free blown glass in a range of colours. The Beak vases interlock in a playful way.

Aniballs by Monsieur + Madame Design

Designed for GOLFERS looking for a safe, easy to launch projectile. Why to choose this product Golf without limits! Ygolf is a new way of playing […]

Interview – Andrew Simpson – Vert Design

In this extended interview Andrew Simpson, founder and chief designer of Vert Design based in Sydney will outline some of the feature projects of his studio […]

Taming the Dragon – The Manufacturing Apocalypse

Article after article, interview after interview on Embody3D has revealed one very prevalent theme, which is China’s inundation and domination of world manufacturing. Whether you’re in […]

Understanding Strong Materials Part 2 – Designing Strong Products

In this second part of the article series ‘Understanding Strong Materials’ we will explore physical design strategies to optimise the strength of products you design. Sometimes […]

Understanding Strong Materials Part 1 – Understanding Material Properties

In this first part of the article series ‘Understanding Strong Materials’ we will explore the properties of material strength. In material science the strength of a […]

Industrial Design of the Winter Olympics Games

It’s that chilly time of year (well not in Australia anyway) but certainly in Vancouver the home of the 21st Winter Olympic Games. The Winter Olympics […]

143 Reasons to Wait for the Cars of the Future

In this article we are going to explore the world of concept cars! This comprehensive collection can be used as inspiration not just for automotive design […]

E3D Vodcast Ep. 2


Hibachi BBQ

The Aim The concept BBQ design ‘Hibachi’ fuses traditional Japanese eating rituals with modern Australian styling. Australian’s love attending Japanese/Korean sit down BBQ’s because of the […]

How much should I charge for Industrial Design Work?

Many times people ask me how much should I charge for Industrial Design Contract Work? Like many questions in life there is no definitive answer. In […]