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AutoSocial is a WordPress plugin which enables you to automatically post your posts, pages and custom posts to Facebook (Pages only), Google My Business, LinkedIn (profile and company pages, including showcase pages), Twitter, Instagram (Business accounts only) and Pinterest automatically as well as being able to schedule and manage updates.

AutoSocial combines the awesomeness of our free social media plugins: WP LinkedIn Auto Publish and Google My Business Auto Publish but extends this functionality to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest so you can manage all the social media accounts that matter all in one place. But beyond this, AutoSocial provides a fantastic interface to post now and schedule posts using a Buffer-like interface so you can add edit and schedules posts for multiple social media profiles. We even have an integration with so your post links can be automatically shortened if desired.

AutoSocial comes with responsive and friendly support and unlike the free plugins AutoSocial is actively worked on so we are keen to hear your feature requests.

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14 Great Reasons to Pick AutoSocial

1. Connect to multiple social media profiles

Connect with multiple Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram profiles and a single Pinterest account. Activate which profiles you want to use with the plugin and set what profiles you want to share with by default. Connecting to your social profiles couldn’t be easier with our one click connection process for Facebook, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram (the connection for Instagram is done via Facebook, so your Instagram account needs to be connected to your Facebook pages). With Twitter you will need to create your own application – in the plugin FAQ we provide guidance on this.

AutoSocial main interface

2. Awesome post meta box

With the AutoSocial post meta box you can customise the messaging, profiles to share to and the image used for each post. We have spent great effort trying to make AutoSocial as easy and fast to use as possible.

3. Share all post types

Share on posts, pages and custom post types! With Google My Business we have also created special integrations with WooCommerce and The Events Calendar to create special event and product post types on Google My Business. Please see note below regarding the WooCommerce integration.

4. Share now capability

Click the Share now link/button to quickly send or re-share content to all your social media profiles.

5. integration

Optionally shorten your URLs to make them more social media friendly with services like Twitter.

6. Powerful share now and scheduling feature

With AutoSocial you can post now to multiple networks but also schedule a post. You can even edit or delete items in your schedule queue. This brings Buffer-like capabilities to WordPress!

7. Create dynamic posts with shortcodes

With our simple share message editor you can add dynamic content to your posts including the title, excerpt, content, author, title and link.

8. Manage Profiles

You can also manage posts across all your networks! This means you can view, edit and delete posts already shared on your profiles. With this feature you have a full social media management platform made available directly on your website to save you heaps of time switching tabs and logging in to all various your profiles.

Please note, whilst AutoSocial has fully-maximised the tools made available to us to achieve this, not all networks provide full capability. For example LinkedIn doesn’t provide access to personal feeds, only company feeds and posts can’t be edited on: LinkedIn and Twitter. 

manage profiles

9. Use your own app

Don’t want to use our social applications to post to your social profile? No worries, you can create your own application for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google My Business and Pinterest (coming soon) by entering your Client ID and Secret in the plugin settings for each profile.

custom application

Currently the Google My Business API has dropped support for creating product posts in Google My Business. Therefore at this point in time only regular posts can be created from WooCommerce products. We are currently monitoring this to see what the future plans are for this specific feature.

10. Connect Google My Business with popular plugins like WooCommerce and The Events Calendar

WooCommerce and The Events Calendar are WordPress plugin juggernauts and we want to play nicely with them! In the Google My Business settings you can choose to share WooCommerce products as special Google My Business product posts, so we will send pricing and currency info with the post. In the Google My Business settings you can choose to share The Events Calendar events as special event posts in Google My Business, so we will send the event start and end date from the post to Google My Business.

Google My Business to WooCommerce and The Events Calendar

11. Frontend Review Slider/Grid with Multiple Social Network Feeds

Now in version 3 you can create shortcodes from the plugin settings page to create a frontend review slider or grid. You can even select multiple Facebook pages or Google My Business locations and display the review slider/grid in one seamless feed! You can create as many custom shortcodes as you wish and place them on any post or page throughout your site. Reviews can help boost your websites SEO, and our review shortcode also outputs review structured data via JSON-LD. There are loads of options to customise the look and feel of the slider, this includes:

  1. Whether to display as a grid of slider
  2. The minimum star rating to display (so if you only want to show 5 star reviews for example)
  3. Whether you want to sort the reviews by date, star rating or random
  4. Whether you want to sort the reviews in ascending or descending order
  5. The amount of reviews to display
  6. The amount of slides to display
  7. The amount of slides to scroll
  8. Whether you want the slider to autoplay
  9. The autoplay speed
  10. The slide transition, whether it be a slide or fade transition
  11. If you have many large reviews and some short reviews you can enable “Read More” so the large reviews are condensed and the user can optionally expand the review
  12. Whether you want to show: stars, the date of the review, quote symbols and the reviewers photo
  13. Change the text color of the display
  14. Enable the output of structured data to improve your websites SEO
  15. You can also manually block out specific reviews you may not wish to display
autosocial frontend reviews

12. Support for Custom Fields (Post Meta)

Use custom fields? Then you will love the ability to use the postmeta shortcode in your posts and post template message! Input dynamic custom data into your posts with shortcodes like: [POSTMETA_your_postmeta_field]

postmeta and custom field support

13. Custom Share Messages for Different Post Types

Need to create different default share messages for different post types? Well now you can with AutoSocial. Maybe you need different templates for events, products, reviews, posts and pages? With the “Save message as post type template” button you can save your share message as a post type template and for any new posts of that post type that share message will be used by default instead of the global template! Create more tailored share messages that engage your audience with different templates for each post type.

post template share message

14. Chat GPT Artificial Intelligence Support

With our Chat GPT integration you can generate promotional or summary social media content based on your post content. You can also generate the ideal hashtags for your post automatically using your post content. This can be done using the “AI generate” button on the AutoSocial metabox so you can review the generated content before publishing.

The plugin also allows for AI dynamic shortcodes to be used so content can be created for social media even without review to take your auto publishing to the next level. The plugin supports multiple languages and there’s the option to choose how many paragraphs of content are generated.

Please note, the Chat GPT integration requires setting up an account with Chat GPT and adding at least $5 credit onto your Chat GPT development account.

chat gpt artificial intelligence support

Awesome functionality at an affordable price!

AutoSocial includes free updates for 1 year and the plugin can be renewed for continual updates and support.

Terms and Conditions
Important: Please read the terms and conditions for AutoSocial here.

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