Zoom Webinars for WooCommerce

easily sell your zoom webinars with woocommerce

Use Zoom for your webinars? Have a WooCommerce store? Well why not sell your Zoom webinars with WooCommerce. Use all the power of WooCommerce like the extensive range of payment gateways and extensions to monetize your webinars. Whether you are offering training solutions or online courses or whatever else you can imagine you should be compensated for your time.

The team at Northern Beaches Websites who offer a whole suite of WordPress plugin products is proud to release our super simple solution for Zoom Webinars. All you need to do is activate the plugin the plugin and go to WooCommerce > Settings > Zoom and click the “Connect with Zoom” button. With this one click authentication your website will be quickly connected to your Zoom account.

Connect with Zoom Webinars in the plugin settings page

Now that you are connected the last things you need to do is create a new product or edit an existing product, ensure your product type is set to “Virtual” and you will see the new “Webinar Selection” tab, simply select the webinar you wish to sell (you can assign multiple webinars to the one product as well). Then update/publish your product, and that’s it! The plugin also supports variation products, so if you do have variation products you will notice for each variation you can select a separate webinar from your Zoom account.

webinar selection

Now your customers can find your webinar product in your store and add whatever quantity they would like. Then on the checkout page a new section will appear where the customer can enter in the details for each registrant. If the cart quantity is 3, 3 sections will appear, if there’s 1, 1 section will appear and so on. Our plugin will automatically retrieve the necessary registration form fields from your Zoom webinar, including custom fields! Then once the order is marked as complete all registrants will be registered to the Zoom webinar. It’s really that easy!

Check display with custom field support

With Zoom Webinars for WooCommerce you can pay once and get updates for a year and save heaps of money in the process, even if you renew each year to get an updated licence! Zoom Webinars for WooCommerce is built by the 5 star rated plugin developer team at Northern Beaches Websites, based in Sydney, Australia. You will receive awesome and responsive support if you should have any questions; our team is keen to assist you always! If you have any questions about the integration please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Also includes the ability to allow people to register for your webinars for free!

We also provide the ability to show upcoming webinars with a shortcode [zoom_registration_table] which then links to a webinar registration page on your site. This is a great way to give a more professional and customisable webinar signup experience if you don’t wish to sell webinars.

upcoming zoom webinars
zoom webinar registration

Additional Instructions/FAQ's

How to remove the plugin and deauthorize our plugin?

Simple deactivate the plugin and this will deauthorize the application.

How to uninstall the app from your Zoom account?

Please click here and next to our application click on the 3 dots.

What prerequisites are required?

  1. WordPress: https://wordpress.org/
  2. WooCommerce: https://en-au.wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce/
  3. Zoom account with pro plan or higher: https://zoom.us/pricing

What are the specific features of the plugin

  1. Ability to assign existing Zoom webinars to WooCommerce products
  2. Ability to get your Zoom registration form and display this on the checkout page in WooCommerce
  3. Once someone purchases the webinar product they are automatically registered for the Zoom Webinar
  4. Shows registrants on the order detail page

What support is offered for the plugin? And what can go wrong?

Please contact us for any support here. Our 1st Response SLA is 24 hours, and our support hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm AEST. The key thing that can go wrong is if you can’t see your upcoming webinars on the product edit page, if this should occur simply go back to the plugin settings page to re-authenticate with your Zoom account. This may occur during the clearing of transients or migrating WordPress to a new domain. You can also see a log of the plugin actions by going to WooCommerce > Status > Logs and select our plugin from the dropdown.

Easily Sell Your Zoom Webinars!

With no ongoing subscription cost, the Zoom Webinars for WooCommerce plugin provides a simple but powerful method to sell your Zoom Webinars on your WooCommerce online store. Zoom Webinars for WooCommerce includes free updates for 1 year and the plugin can be renewed for continual updates if necessary.

WooCommerce, Zoom and WordPress are separate products and not owned or managed by Northern Beaches Websites. The price of the plugin does not include the price of a Zoom Subscription. Please note, you will need a pro plan or above as only the pro, business and enterprise plan has API access. To learn more about Zoom Webinars please click here.

Terms and Conditions
Please read the terms and conditions for Zoom Webinars for WooCommerce here.

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    The setup was really simple and it works just like it is supposed to. I recommend this plugin to whoever wants to sell webinars on their website, it's a great plugin for a great price. Just make sure that you are using the Webinar feature in Zoom and not "reunions" for your webinars.

    Philippe Langlois

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