Potential customers continually use search engines like Google to find products and services. Google offers a really fast and simple user experience for people to connect with local businesses (like yours). Unfortunately things like quality of service, experience and reputation don’t mean much to Google’s algorithms so it is important that a targeted and effective SEO strategy is implemented specifically for your business. Google uses a number of different evolving methods to rank websites from top to bottom and statistics show that customers most often don’t go past the first page so getting on that page is imperative.

Search engine optimisation is definitely the most cost effective method of generating traffic to your website. As you don’t have to pay per a click like cost per click advertising you don’t pay for leads so over the long term it is much cheaper. However search engine optimisation isn’t easy and it is important that a persistent strategy is in place to achieve long lasting results as they don’t last forever. That’s why you need a trusted SEO service provider that can help your businesses bottom line using proven techniques.

Traffic Sources of Websites

Small Business Advertising

Where Searchers Click

Value for Money

We offer our SEO guarantee that we will always offer you value for money services and giving you track-able results. And we guarantee that at least 50% of your keywords will be in the top 10 organic positions on Google otherwise we will fork for free of give you a complete refund. That is how confident we are about our SEO services.

Established Business

We are an established business who has been offering high quality search engine optimisation solutions to customers for many years. We are a trusted name in the industry.

An Australian Company

We are 100% Australian owned and operated located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and all our SEO professionals are based here as well.

Cost Efficiency

We offer excellent value for money by ensuring costs are kept to a minimal whilst delivering quality results for our many customers.


Through our experienced team we offer friendly support to our customers, that is why so many of our customers have been with us for many many years and are proud to use our services.

What Northern Beaches Websites Offers

As mentioned previously Google uses a wide range of methods to rank websites and at Northern Beaches Websites we have tirelessly researched and perfected these methods to ensure your website is ranked well in Google. Our team of SEO consultants have years of experience in proven methods to get on top by following the latest SEO trends like the importance of social media. We only implement ‘white hat’ techniques to improve your ranking so you can have peace of mind that you are ethically achieving long term results and not exploiting holes. We have helped many local businesses with search engine optimisation, we are a leading and trusted name in the industry.

How do we improve your Google rank?

Before we start any project we want to understand what your business does and what the goals of your website are. We want to learn as much about your industry as possible and find out what exactly people are searching for. We then employ 2 avenues of attack to improve your rank:

Onsite Optimisation

First we have a look at the content on your website (onsite optimisation) to make sure that your website matches what your target market is searching for. We then deploy keywords and a range of other measures across your site so Google can better index it. That is why we also offer copyrighting services that can provide your website with unique content that will be well indexed by search engines. Every website we build at Northern Beaches Websites has SEO best practices in mind so you will always appear in the Google index.

Offsite Optimisation

We then look at offsite optimisation, that is, measures that aren’t on your website. We look at how your website is mentioned on other websites and deploy social media campaigns and profiles for your business. We also ensure your business is listed on industry directories and databases.


Starting monthly price

  • 6-8 Keyword Package
  • 4-6 keywords in the top page of Google in 6-10 months
  • Fully managed solution
  • Best long term strategy

So what are you waiting for? Get a quote now or contact us for more information!