Online Shops

Online shops are a great way for businesses of all sizes to start selling online. Increasingly Australian’s and people all around the world of all demographics are purchasing products online vs retail. Online shops offers a fast and easy way for customers to purchase products online. You don’t have to be a whiz to run your own shop either, anyone can do it! Using our open content management system you can be up in no time selling products and shipping them not just to Australia but the whole world. If you have an existing retail shop and want to compliment it with online sales we have some excellent solutions for you as well to keep things in sync. When you compare Northern Beaches Websites to popular online store subscription services, you will quickly learn why Northern Beaches Websites offers a more affordable solution that is more flexible, scalable and customisable. We would love to tell you more about this, and we are extremely confident about the better value we offer to our customers and this shown the great feedback and reviews we are getting from our online store owners.

Our online shops are great for businesses of all sizes in any industry, whether you are selling just one or thousands of different products. Whether you sell around the world or just in Australia, our online shops will do the job. It’s important though that you have a plan on how you are going to sell online. Here are some questions you should ask:

  • What products am I going to sell, and what kind of people are going to buy them?
  • Figure out your business model, and how your online shop will interact with any existing operations you may have.
  • Think about how you are going to handle warranties and returns and what policies you will have in place.
  • Make sure your business is protected by ensuring you have an ABN and you take out any relevant business name and trademark protection. Also ensure you have a merchant bank account if you are going to be accepting credit cards.
  • Consider where you are going to store your inventory if you don’t have a place already.
  • Think about how you are going to send products to customers, are you going to deliver them yourself, use Australia Post or another courier.
  • Consider how your items are going to be packaged so they can arrive in one piece when the customer receives the item.
  • How are you going to price your products? Are you going to offer discounts?
  • How are you going to measure the success of your online store?

Online shops are completely different to retail shops in that there is no passing by traffic. You can build the next Amazon but if you don’t have a strategy on how to get people onto your site all your effort could go to waste. So if you don’t have a strategy on how to get customers to your site please speak to us as we offer a range of search engine optimisation and paid advertising packages that can help kick start your store.

Experienced & Committed

Northern Beaches Websites is experienced at not only developing beautiful looking and functioning online shops but also helping develop successful businesses. Your success is our success and you will notice that throughout the development process that we act like a business partner with a vested interest in your success, we are not a set and forget operation.

The Best Designs

Our award winning graphic designers can develop a quality website specific to your business and specific to your target market.

Open Platform means Innovation

We use an open shopping platform so you are never locked in to any proprietary systems or platforms. Any developer can work on our sites if they know what they are doing! Our eCommerce platform powers 28% of all online shops and you can easily export your product data at any time.


Best of all our online shops are very affordable and we have a price match guarantee on any comparable service, we will not be beaten on price. But for this affordable price you are getting fantastic designs with unlimited design revisions and unlimited products and pages. Unlike other platforms which charge you high monthly fees which add up over time our costs are mostly upfront which provide good long term value.

Intuitive & Excellent Support

All our shops come with easy to use instructions and the content management system has a simple user interface. Our online shops come with very friendly and responsive customer support via email.


Because we are also custom developers we can develop awesome custom solutions just for you. If you signup for a subscription ecommerce system expect a happy meal solution and no matter how much you want to pay them they won’t help you with specific customisations. We can develop custom integrations with email marketing, CRM and bookkeeping packages that offer an open API. We can also build out integrations with different shipping/delivery services and payment gateways. We can provide tailored solutions no matter how obscure they may be.

Reduced Workload

Many subscription ecommerce systems sounds good on paper, but the hidden cost is your time. You need to learn their system and do really everything yourself. With our online shops we do the hard work so you can concentrate on the unique things about your shop like your products and prices. You shouldn’t need to become a sudo-website developer to get your new website up, that’s time you could be spending on growing your business and excelling in your business expertise that gives your business value. Let us do what we do best and you can bring the spice!

How we get your online shop off the ground

We start by getting to know you and your business, like what are you going to be selling, how much do you expect to sell, what are your goals and what features do you need.

We then design a website concept tailored to your business and industry and you can make as many changes to the concept until you are happy within the first 2 weeks.

Once we get your approval on the design concept we will then begin development of your online shop on the web. We can develop the site using your existing domain and we can also develop a staging or development server so you have no website downtime while your new website shop is being built.

We then hand over the website to you with customised instructions just for your website. You can then start creating products and setting prices and shipping methods. You can even import products via a CSV document if you have heaps of products or an existing database.

When customers visit your site they can add items to their cart and once they checkout money from either direct bank transfer, PayPal or credit card will appear in your account. The customer and yourself will receive confirmation of the transaction – we also can send SMS notification for both parties.

You can then send the item to the customer. Using our shop management system you have full control of the shopping experience from being able to apply statuses to customers and notes on orders. You can also sell digital products and via an account management portal customers can access their downloads and orders.

Just some of the many website features we offer for online shops...

Range of Checkout Options

Customers can use a variety of payment options from Paypal, Credit Cards and Direct Bank Transfer through the website that way you can capture every customer that visits your site.

Customisable Products

You can sell customised products, for example you can sell clothing in different sizes, or different coloured electronics products, or even a customised engraving. No matter how many varieties of a product you can have our online shops will be able to cover it.

Sub Assembly Products/Bundles

You can even sell bundles of products which are made up of existing products! This is greta if you are selling kits, or you want to offer customers different packages or package discounts.

Live Shipping Rates

We even have an Australia Post live shipping rate calculator which will calculate the weight and size of items and where they are going and give your customers current shipping rates that will always be up to date. We offer plenty of other shipping calculators as well.

Subscription Products

If you are selling membership products like magazines or gyms we have you covered! You can have as many plans or packages as you want and charge at a set frequency. You can also have a membership website where specific subscribers have specific access to parts of your site.

Simple Order Management

With our custom statuses it’s really easy to manage even many hundreds of orders so you can ensure customer satisfaction and fulfilment.

Discount & Coupon Options

Our shops are filled with ways of offering discounts and specials to customers. You can even sell digital gift vouchers to customers.

Product Ratings

You can also allow customers to leave ratings on products and publish them on your product page.

Multiple Shipping Methods

You can also have a range of shipping methods based on different product categories or the customers postcode, or both. So you can personally deliver products local to you, use Australia post for other postcodes, use FedEx for others.

Digital Products

You can also sell digital products like Ebooks, videos or CD’s or anything else digital.

Email Newsletter Subscriptions

You can optionally signup customers to email newsletters so you can keep them informed of new products.

SMS Notifications

If you love SMS and live on your phone you can also receive SMS notifications of new orders!

GDPR Compliance

Selling products to Europe? Well we have good news our stores can be easily GDPR compliant. Have a compliant privacy policy, be able to delete client data and store data with strict rules.


Want to have a membership site with subscriptions? Want to have different subscription tiers with different membership and content access rights? We have you covered.

Import/Export Products

You can easily import and export products via CSV which makes it easy when dealing with many many products!

Bookkeeping Integrations

Have an online bookkeeping package like Xero, Intuit Quickbooks or MYOB? We can automatically create customers, invoices and mark payments against those invoices from your online store. If your bookkeeping package has an open API we can probably integrate with it with our custom development service.

So what are you waiting for? Get a quote now or contact us for more information; we would love to learn more about your project!