IdeaPush Pro – Feature Request Manager for WordPress

IdeaPush Pro has all the awesomeness of the free version of the plugin but adds some some really great features to make the IdeaPush even better. What is IdeaPush Pro? IdeaPush Pro is a modern, beautiful feature request/idea board system for WordPress. It is a plugin that can be quickly installed and setup to provide a professional rich-featured idea board to your website. The core features of IdeaPush include:

  • The ability to create an idea board where registered users or guest can create and vote up and down on ideas
  • Automatic status changing so ideas can be changed to reviewed when a vote threshold limit is reached
  • An extensive notification system with placeholder text to create dynamic personalised emails
  • Fast idea creation system with the ability to add tags and images to a new idea
  • Statuses and tags to keep ideas organised
  • Powerful live search filtering to find ideas and the ability to filter ideas by status and tags and order ideas by popular, trending and recent
  • Extensive options and a backend to edit any ideas or change the vote number

But IdeaPush Pro provides powerful must-have functionality, including:

  • The ability to create multiple boards!
  • Idea and tag suggestion system when users are creating a new idea to minimise duplicate ideas and tags
  • Shows related ideas on the single idea page
  • A beautiful idea history timeline on the editing interface so you can see and track the status of and idea and how it has changed over time and the ability to add an internal note to an idea
  • The ability to send an email to voters or the author of an idea with a custom and dynamic text
  • Track the activity of your ideas and votes over time and by user via the reports menu item
  • The ability to disable the single ideas page
  • An awesome integration with Zendesk

7 Great Reasons to Pick IdeaPush Pro

1. Create multiple boards

With options unique for each board. Create as many boards as you can imagine!

multiple idea boards

2. Show suggested ideas

Show suggested ideas as a new idea is being typed! Related ideas are found using our smart matching algorithm which pulls related ideas immediately. This cuts down on duplicate ideas and increases votes of existing ideas.

idea suggestion system

3. Show related idea

Show related ideas on the single idea page to increase engagement using our matching algorithm.

related ideas

4. Track the history of an idea

Track the history of an idea from the idea edit page. The idea history metabox shows when an idea was created, when automated and ad hoc emails were sent, when the vote threshold was reached, internal notes and when a status was changed. Easily add an internal note to the idea history to note thoughts and comments on an idea at any time. Easily delete items from the idea history timeline.

idea history with notes

5. Send an email

Send an email to positive voters or the idea author with ease and add dynamic content using shortcodes to make your email more personalised. The email is recorded in the idea history timeline as well.

send an email

6. Reports

See how many ideas are created and up and down votes cast in the reports menu item. You can also see how many ideas, up votes and down votes have been made for each user in the table with sortable columns.


7. Suggested Tags

As users type in tags they will receive tag suggestions, this prevents similar tags being created. Also in the setting you can turn off the ability for users to create custom tags and only enable them to enter in tags created in the backend.

suggested tags

8. Zendesk Integration

With the IdeaPush Zendesk integration you can easily add all ideas or ideas that just meet the vote threshold to Zendesk. But the integration goes further than this! When support operators comment on tickets in Zendesk these comments get synced automatically with WordPress and show as comments on the single idea page. Internal notes in Zendesk get added to the idea history timeline on the admin page of ideas. Also when tickets get marked as solved in Zendesk, the idea automatically gets set to completed in Zendesk!

zendesk integration

Awesome functionality at an affordable price!

IdeaPush Pro comes with all the great features of the free version of the plugin but chiefly it has the ability to create multiple boards. Another awesome feature for any professional idea board system is our sophisticated idea suggestion system which minimises the risk of people creating new ideas that have already been raised.

In the future we hope to integrate IdeaPush Pro with development tools for coders and programmers.

IdeaPush includes free updates for 1 year and the plugin can be renewed for continual updates if necessary.

Purchase IdeaPush Pro today for a special introductory price of just $40. Get it now while it’s cheap because the price will increase soon with the addition of new features.

Purchase for $40

Important: Please read the terms and conditions for IdeaPush Pro here.