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sell your gotomeeting meetings with woocommerce wp gotomeeting pro

Do you use GoToMeeting but need a way to monetize your meetings? Well, check out our brand new plugin WP GoToMeeting Pro!

With WP GoToMeeting Pro you can easily sell your GoToMeeting meetings via WooCommerce. Simply install our plugin and go to your WooCommerce settings page and go to the new GoToMeeting tab. Click the connect button to connect the plugin with your existing GoToMeeting account. Enter in your Northern Beaches Websites purchase email and order id into the settings to receive automatic updates and optionally you can use your own GoToMeeting developer application or you can leave it blank to use ours.

wp gotomeeting pro settings

Now that your website is connected to GoToMeeting,  you can now create WooCommerce products which are linked to specific GoToMeetings. So create a new product, set it to virtual and in the new Meeting Selection tab select the GoToMeeting you wish to sell, give the product a price, and then publish it!

wp gotomeeting pro product settings - meeting selection

Now when customers purchase your GoToMeeting meetings they will receive a link to the meeting on their completed order email and also on the thank you page. Yep, it’s as simple as that; WP GoToMeeting is a simple and powerful plugin to sell your GoToMeeting meetings. We are keen to hearing your feedback on new features which we hope to incorporate into the plugin in future updates 🙂

wp gotomeeting pro thank you page
wp gotomeeting pro order completed email

Easily Sell Your GoToMeeting Meetings!

With no ongoing subscription cost, WP GoToMeeting Pro is the best and simplest option to sell your GoToMeetings. WP GoToMeeting Pro includes free updates for 1 year and the plugin can be renewed for continual updates if necessary.

WooCommerce, GoToMeeting and WordPress are separate products and not owned or managed by Northern Beaches Websites. The price of the plugin does not include the price of a GoToMeeting Subscription.

Terms and Conditions
Please read the terms and conditions for WP GoToMeeting Pro here.

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