FileMaker to Gravity Forms Connector

FileMaker to Gravity Forms Connector Plugin

We have developed a simple integration to connect Gravity Forms to FileMaker. Our plugin works with both FileMaker Server and FileMaker Cloud – for more version/compatibility information, please see the blue note at the bottom of this page. With this integration you can easily connect forms to your FileMaker database so that when forms are submitted new line entries will show up in your FileMaker database. Now also in version 2 of the plugin when an entry is updated in Gravity Forms the corresponding record in FileMaker will be updated automatically as well!

Forms can be individually mapped to different FileMaker databases and layouts. You can also create an opt-in condition for the entry to be submitted to FileMaker. For example if you don’t want people from the United Kingdom added to the database you can create an opt-in condition which only processes the feed if the country is not “United Kingdom”.

Setting things up is easy. Once you have activated the plugin go to the main plugin settings as shown below (Forms > Settings > FileMaker Connector), and enter in your purchase email and order ID for updates and then enter in your FileMaker username, password and domain, like

FileMaker General Settings

Now for each form you want to connect to FileMaker go to the Form Settings > FileMaker Connector and create a new feed item as shown below. Here you can type in the database name and layout and if you want to create a condition for the entry to be added to FileMaker.

FileMaker Feed Settings

The final step is to map your Gravity Forms field to fields in your FileMaker database. On your form editor you will notice the new field “FileMaker Field” highlighted red below. Here you can enter in the name of the FileMaker field. If this is left blank the field won’t sync across to FileMaker. For multi-input fields like the name and address field you can separate the fields by a comma. So for the name field (which has the inputs: prefix, first, middle, last, suffix) if you wanted to sync just the first and last name in the setting below you would enter “,myFileMakerFirstNameField,,myFileMakerLastNameField,”. That’s it, a simple plugin but with powerful possibilities.

FileMaker Field Setting

If you need additional functionality, please don’t hesitate to contact us we and we can provide a quote for custom development work.

The plugin has been tested with FileMaker Server 17 and above and also FileMaker Cloud. We don’t guarantee that previous versions of FileMaker will work. Please contact us first before purchase if you are using an older version of FileMaker.

A must-have connection at a good price!

The FileMaker to Gravity Forms Connector provides a simple WordPress Plugin that can quickly pay itself off in data entry time and it can help reduce errors. FileMaker to Gravity Forms Connector includes free updates for 1 year and the plugin can be renewed for continual updates if necessary.

Gravity Forms, FileMaker and WordPress are separate products and not owned or managed by Northern Beaches Websites.

Terms and Conditions
Please read the terms and conditions for FileMaker to Gravity Forms Connector here.

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    Great connection for anyone using Filemaker. Easy configuration and powerful. Great support from developer as well.

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    Great connection for anyone using Filemaker. Easy configuration and powerful. Great support from developer as well.

  • "

    Great connector for anyone who uses Filemaker. Easy to configure and powerful. Great support from developer as well.

    Ross Hanrahan

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