With decades of experience in graphic design and illustration Northern Beaches Websites employs the best design talent around to give our customers the winning edge. The power of good branding and a unique design are pivotal to a businesses growth and success. Northern Beaches websites is responsible for not only launching successful brands on the Northern Beaches but all around the world from America to Dubai. You can trust our experience in helping your business stand out, not stick out!

We also design labels, signs and packaging! If you have any other graphic requirements I am sure we can design them as well. Everything however starts off with a great logo. Our talented logo designers can develop a professional image for your business.

Part of our success comes down to our thoughtful and unique graphic development process which consistently delivers graphic solutions that go above and beyond customer expectations. We like to understand what your business is all about and undergo industry research and brand positioning analysis to develop a truly unique corporate identity. We provide our customers with a number of graphic solutions which include:

Our Design Philosophy

Often it is the simple logos that are more remember-able. Think about Nike and Apple, both branding powerhouses with the simplest of logos. The logo should be memorable and timeless. You want your logo to be simple so to not cause distraction, after all your logo is a representation of your company, so why would you want a complex distracting design.

The process to design and develop a memorable logo is critical. We believe balance of a graphic design is critical by following the law of threes and using white space effectively; size can play an important role in emphasising different parts of your design or logo.

When we design logos we like to envisage all the different ways your logo could be utilised. This doesn’t mean we come up with boring designs not at all. Rather we like to design logos that are exciting, and sometimes even modular logos or variation of logos for different contexts. These variations can help build a strong brand image. As who knows your logo might be on a billboard or just on a letterhead either way it has to be distinct. This is why we provide a style guide with your chosen logo design. The style guide will specify the properties of the colours utilised so a professional printer can accurately replicate the colours in print.

With every graphic project, research plays an important part in the planning of your design. We like designs to say a message as they are a representation of your company. Does your company want to convey power, flexibility, prettiness, quality, innovation or something else? These traits need to be encapsulated in your design.

As we always say we want you to stand our not stick out. So as well as generating a unique graphic design solution it is important we understand your market. As people love familiarity, that’s why we have franchises not because they are necessarily amazing but when we go to a franchise we know what we are going to get. Likewise with your logo or graphic design project you want your design to fit into the market and business environment.

We love designing and every design is like a child for us. It’s a piece of art and something we are proud to deliver to customers. Northern Beaches Websites is a company you can trust to go to every effort to deliver a quality design. We are all about the details, from examining graphic assets and photos, line weights, fonts and typography, colours, layouts, themes, motifs, patterns and interactions, you name it, we care about it and it’s part of our design process.

We believe different shades of a colour can have significant cultural implications on your market from age, sex and demographic. We believe fonts should be chosen or even custom designed to say a clearly articulated message about your company.

Why Northern Beaches Websites for Graphic Design

Design Series

We present our designs not as just standalone concepts but often as design series with theme and variations. So you can choose between several variations of your logo design concepts. We can also include a simple website logo or an illustrative logo which can be great for signage and badges. All our logos come with a logo style guide so which includes colour information of the artwork for printing purposes.

Design Process

All our designs go through a rigorous quality process with at least 2 pairs of eyes checking out every concept before they reach you which includes the senior graphics director; this is all part of our quality assurance. We never recycle old ideas or use template designs we only deliver unique designs because of the research process.


Through the large volume of projects we take on our designers are continually sharpening their skills and being exposed to new ideas and concepts ever day. In our creative design and development environment we like to foster and cultivate a whole range of fresh and abstract ideas.

Quality Focus

We spend a great deal of time and attention to detail to all our graphic design solutions. This is because of our thoughtful approach and market research and our experience working with many markets and industries. We are confident that we will propose a design solution that will go above and beyond your expectations. Our exceptional portfolio coupled with the success of our customers who have started successful new businesses and brand campaigns speaks volumes about our quality.

So what are you waiting for? Get a quote now or contact us for more information; we would love to learn more about your graphic design project!