Good question, if you have been around the web you likely have been retargeted already many hundreds if not thousands of times. You might have had experiences where you landed on a website, let’s say you wanted to buy a new car and you went to the Audi website, and then what seems like magic you seem to be bombarded with all these Audi ads wherever you go. This is the power of remarketing, being able to turn cold leads hot again by retargeting potential customers across the web.

Remarketing previously was only available to large corporations but with the latest tools Northern Beaches Websites can now provide remarketing services to businesses big and small.

remarketing step 1

Step 1

A customer visits your website

remarketing step 2

Step 2

The customer decides to not purchase/enquire your product/service

remarketing step 3

Step 3

While your customer is on the web they see your ad

remarketing step 4

Step 4

The customer returns to your site and completes the action

Very very far, in fact around 95% of the web including Google, Facebook, Instagram and over 200 leading ad networks and exchanges. Wherever your customers are our automated ads can reach them on the web, via social media or in their inbox.

Remarketing is suitable for any business but it’s particularly valuable for businesses that require multiple touch points before a purchase is made, or if it is likely the customer will research a range of companies before making a decision – particularly for larger less impulsive purchases. Consider the purchase of a new car, you might visit several websites and showrooms before making a purchase. However it can also be an effective brand advertising tool. If you want to get your company and logo in-front of as many eyeballs as possible and consolidate and grow your local fans then remarketing can be a great option for you as well.

Because remarketing is just targeting people who have already visited your website there’s 0 wastage, no poorly utilised dollars and cents. Using machine learning and 300 intent signals we can design image ads to target customers who are sitting on the fence. Our remarketing package greatly supplements existing SEO and Google advertising campaigns. Have an ecommerce store? Then even better we can even attribute sales that remarketing has achieved on your store so you can see a precise return on investment from your remarketing campaigns. With our remarketing service we provide monthly reports so you can track the success of your campaign. Typically clients who engage in remarketing see a return on investment of 5 times their advertising spend – try and beat that number!

Our experienced graphic design team can design image ads for your business to promote your products and services. These can be split up into multiple campaigns if necessary. The ads are also designed to look great on a range of devices and channels. We can also produce video and animated ads promoting your business!

These are the steps:

  1. We want to get to know your business, explain to you what remarketing is and what it can do for your business and what results you might expect.
  2. Once you are happy with this we will send through a proposal for your businesses remarketing requirements, this is split up into an initial design fee and ongoing management fee.
  3. Once the proposal is approved and the invoice amount has been paid we will get started designing your ads. We will send these to you for final approval.
  4. We will now implement the approved ads and setup your campaign parameters.
  5. Then in the future we will continue to monitor and track your campaign as the months go on and provide you with monthly reports and opportunities that might arise in the campaign.

There are 3 components to the pricing for remarketing:

  1. Initial design of your ads – this is a one-off fee to design your initial ads, this cost is based on the amount and complexity of your ad requirements.
  2. Your advertising budget – choose a monthly advertising budget to suit your needs. This can be as little or large as you want and we can tweak this over time based on your business situation. If you need more ads in the future we can provide a quote based on your needs.
  3. Management fee – we charge a monthly management fee to manage your ads to ensure the targeting is correct and to ensure every dollar is spent as wisely as possible. It also means you can ask as any questions about your campaign and you will receive monthly reports.

Value for Money

We offer flexible and affordable packages to suit your advertising budget and targeting options. Unlike other marketing options with remarketing you have peace of mind that you are only targeting customers who have visited your site previously.

Experience in Online Advertising

Northern Beaches Websites is a trusted company in the online advertising space trusted by businesses big and small across Australia. Our priority is achieving a return on investment and with our remarketing program we will be able to attribute leads on your website to our remarketing efforts.

Market Knowledge

Having worked across every industry sector, Northern Beaches Websites not only knows the technical details and mechanics of running a successful ad campaign but through our experience we have a strong understanding of specific market verticals.

Custom Ad Design

Our graphic design team can design beautiful and engaging ads which show your business in the best light possible and re-attract those cold leads to turn them into paying customers.

So what are you waiting for? Get a quote now or contact us for more information!