Website security and hack prevention and recovery is critical to ensuring a smooth experience for your customers and users and protecting the data on your website. Consider the damage a hacked website could have for your businesses reputation, particularly if you are selling online. In the past large businesses have suffered hundreds of millions of dollars in damages due to poor security implementation on their websites. Don’t let your business become the next statistic! Consider the loss of business, the loss of data and rework required to get things back to their former condition. This is why website security is just so important.

At Northern Beaches Website we take security very seriously and we have rigorous safeguards we can implement on your website and also contingency measures if something should go wrong. All our customer websites hosted with us get routinely backed up so you will always have a copy of your websites data.

We can also review your current hosting arrangements to ensure your server setup and hosting is following security best practice. As well undertaking general security work we can also evaluate code and implement unit testing. We can check your PHP version and upgrade your site to PHP 7 if necessary and ensure your code is compliant to this version of PHP.

If you are storing sensitive information in your websites database we can implement secure encryption to ensure this important data is secure.

If your website does not currently have an SSL certificate we can get this sorted for you and ensure all your website content is HTTPS compatible to reduce console errors.

If your website has been hacked or you are unsure about the security preparedness of your website, please contact us immediately so our team can rectify any issues or enforce strong security policies and measures on your website.

Why you should choose Northern Beaches Websites for Copywriting

Specifically For You

We provide security solutions tailored to your current needs, whether you have just been hacked or you want an audit of your current security arrangements.

Critical Availability

Our team has great availability to ensure any issues with your website are rectified immediately. We understand you can’t afford to wait.

Effective Results

We have great experience in rectifying security issues and plugging any holes in your site to prevent any future successful attacks.

Great Reputation

With an average rating of 5 stars, Northern Beaches Websites is a trusted name in website security not just on the Northern Beaches!

Helpful Team

We are here to help you and to ensure you have a five star experience with us before and after our service.

All Security Services

SSL, Hosting, Website Auditing, Preventative Maintenance, Login Lockdown, Code Reviewing, Encryption, Hack Prevention, PHP and Server Testing, DDOS Prevention, Website Recovery…you name it, we can do it!

So what are you waiting for? Contact us for more information about our security services or to get your site back online.