A Message to Sydney Websites Customers

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Firstly I want to thank you for being one of our many valued Sydney Websites customers, your business is much appreciated. As part of a new marketing strategy in 2015 we are merging Sydney Websites into its sister website Northern Beaches Websites. Practically speaking this means absolutely nothing. Any existing arrangements we have with you and all our pricing and standard terms and conditions remain untouched. However our website and consequently our email address will no longer be checked. If you need any projects done please email our new address:
Write this down now or save it to your address book. I want to be absolutely sure you received this email so I can continue to service your needs in a timely manner.

While I hopefully still have you here I just want to briefly speak about what our goals and plans are for 2015. Since our founding almost 6 years ago our goal is to provide professional, high quality, easy to use web/graphic design and development solutions at affordable prices. And as I hope you have experienced, we aim to deliver these solutions with amazing lead times and with outstanding customer service. It’s with this approach that we have grown so dramatically in the last few years to being not just a local Northern Beaches operation but having customers around the world including America, England, Dubai, Canada and Argentina. Some of our customers have been with us since day one and a lot has changed online in this time! So I thought I would also take this opportunity to talk about some trends and features that might interest you to improve your online presence.  Information Websites When I started designing websites, almost 14 years ago, I remember people treated websites as almost a gimmick or an add on to their existing outreach strategy. Now websites are the forefront of businesses branding efforts and the line between the digital and real would is very grey. Our standard information websites can take on many different forms including blogs, forums, publishing platforms, news sites and portfolios to just name a few. We have amazing features now like 2 factor authentication to log into your website to make your site unbreachable; we have websites that are even easier to update yourself. You can now edit your website on your smart phone now using a dedicated app! We can also pull content from online services, so why should you have to have your own website gallery when we can just pull information from Instagram? Or why should you have an event manager when we can pull your shows from Songkick. And why should you even have a blog when we can pull a feed from Facebook or Twitter! We also have live chat systems where customers can make enquiries and you can receive notifications on your mobile. We also have complex order and quote forms and you can receive SMS’s when customers submit a form.  Online Shops Our shops have really taken off in the last few years. Whether you are selling digital products or physical products or even subscription products like gym memberships or training course we have a solution for you. Integrating with Australia Post you can give live shipping rates to your customers. For our international clients we also integrate with New Zealand Post, UPS, FedEx, United States Postal Service and Canada Post. Customers can pay via Paypal, credit card, cash upon pickup, or direct bank transfer. Our shops feature detailed sales reports, customer order management, inventory management, SMS updates for customers and you can manage your store from an App on your phone. And there’s more…including complex coupons and store discount options including social sharing discounts, product variations and customisable products. You can even sync your online store with Ebay to get even more exposure, and you can check and monitor your store from an Iphone using a dedicated app. We can even turn your online store into a dedicated Iphone or Android app to get unprecedented access to new customers. Graphic Design and Branding The latest trend in graphic design is having versatile logo graphics, that is, logos that can work well in many contexts including on business card, websites, cars, buildings, you name it! Whether it was Apple’s instigation or if they are just the symbol of the movement there is a larger trend of flat simple logos, and it’s not just the tech companies, it’s certainly a macro trend. SEO Ranking well in Google’s natural search results is really important. The development of the social web has made a big difference to the SEO landscape. At Northern Beaches Websites we have mastered techniques to get your websites ahead of your competitors at an affordable price. PPC As well as improving your natural search results we also provide services in pay per click advertising using Google Adwords and Facebook advertising. Using advanced tools we can target customers in specific locations with special interests and belonging to particular demographics.
If you are interested to learn more about these features please don’t hesitate to get in touch or visit our new website!

AUTHOR - Martin Gibson

Founder and Senior Web Designer/Developer & Graphic Artist of Northern Beaches Websites

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