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red dot design concept 2012

The red dot: luminary is the penultimate prize of the red dot award: design concept. Over the years, the best concept can range from the most […]

The future of electic bikes: e-motion concept

Developed to create a new way to make electric bikes more appealing and usable for younger people and getting rid of the stigma that an e-bike […]

Prague Taxi Concept

• HJC Design is a product design & manufacture consultancy based in Yorkshire, England. • HJC Design have developed a unique taxi concept called ‘Praha’, which […]

The Strategic Designer – Tools for Managing the Design Process

Article by Martin Gibson – Twitter: @martingibson @embody3d – 30.08.2011 The Strategic Designer – Tools for Managing the Design Process by David Holston published by How Books […]

Drive by Scott Robinson, Daniel Gardner and Annis Naeem

Article by Martin Gibson – @embody3d @martingibson – 28.03.2011 I was really excited to open up Drive, published by Design Studio Press. A book filled with beautiful […]

Layout Essentials – 100 Design Principles for Using Grids

Article by Martin Gibson – @embody3d @martingibson – 09.06.2011 People often say not to judge a book by its cover, and that premise certainly holds a lot […]


Article by Martin Gibson - @embody3d @martingibson - Monday - 20/06/11 This week in Industrial Design features the hottest links to other cool Industrial Design resources from around the web. For your weekly dose of Industrial Design news, events and products check out TWIID! If you have or know of a good resource for TWIID please get in touch with us!


SUMMER & the Roof

To produce Innovative Redesign of SUMMER with Integration into MODERN Rooftop The Brief Submission must be of A3 size and submitted in soft copy (CD) labeled […]

Red Dot 2009 Winning Concepts – Mobility

Article by Martin Gibson – Twitter – 10.06.2010 The Red Dot 2010 Design Competition is now running! Find out more information about this years competition here. […]

DooLiper by Selina Jiao

Owning a pet may face many issues, such as management of pet waste. Canine faeces often contain micro organisms that is harmful to animals and people. […]

Managing the Design Process – Implementing Design by Terry Lee Stone

Article by Martin Gibson – @embody3d @martingibson – 30.10.2010 [rating:4] Managing the Design Process – Implementing Design is another educational book in a series we’ve had the […]

Beautiful Modeler

Article by Martin Gibson – @embody3d @martingibson – Monday – 8/11/10 Beautiful Modeler made by Interactive Fabrication is a concept 3D modelling program utilising a multitouch-based […]

Managing the Design Process – Concept Development by Terry Lee Stone

Article by Martin Gibson – @embody3d @martingibson – 10.08.2010 [rating:3.5] ”Managing the Design Process – Concept Development’ is a great primer for all graphic designers to help […]

ID Position in Sydney – Great for Postgrad!

Design Business Type General Design Position Type Full-time Qualification Requirements Tertiary Education Location 16/16 Narabang Way Belrose NSW 2085 Website Job Description Design Edge is […]