Ordinary Updates (OU!)

Our vinyls are an emotional and functional alternative to classic wallpapers and decorative stickers. Specific concepts have been turned into icons, to give new meanings to […]

Albatros Bookmark by Oscar Lhermitte

Oscar Lhermitte, www.indiegogo.com/Albatros-bookmarks-1


Graphic Designers Essential Reference

Article by Martin Gibson – Twitter: @martingibson @embody3d – 19.11.2011 ISBN – 9781592537433 Graphic Designers Essential Reference – Visual Elements, Techniques, and Layout Strategies for Busy Designers […]

The Brembo B-Tech helmet,

The helmet Brembo B-Tech has been selected for ADI Design Index 2011, the selection of the best Italian product design for 2011, the world’s first full-face […]

The Best of News Design

Article by Martin Gibson – Twitter: @martingibson @embody3d – 31.10.2011 What an interesting book! The Best of News Design by the Society of News Design, published by […]

The future of electic bikes: e-motion concept

Developed to create a new way to make electric bikes more appealing and usable for younger people and getting rid of the stigma that an e-bike […]

Package Design Workbook by Steven DuPuis and John Silva

Article by Martin Gibson – Twitter: @martingibson @embody3d – 23.06.2011 Package Design Workbook by Steven DuPuis and John Silva and published by Rockport kicks off with an […]

Layout Essentials – 100 Design Principles for Using Grids

Article by Martin Gibson – @embody3d @martingibson – 09.06.2011 People often say not to judge a book by its cover, and that premise certainly holds a lot […]

Interview – Daniella McCarthy

Article by Martin Gibson - @embody3d @martingibson - Tuesday - 10/05/11 This week in Industrial Design features the hottest links to other cool Industrial Design resources from around the web. For your weekly dose of Industrial Design news, events and products check out TWIID! If you have or know of a good resource for TWIID please get in touch with us!


Interview – Lisa Etheridge aka Lisa Tickled Pink

We had a great time talking to Lisa Etheridge a student at Unitec (New Zealand) studying furniture and product design. Lisa explains some of the positives […]

Icsid announces theme for World Industrial Design Day 2011

Montreal (Canada), 2 February 2011 – How has the discipline of industrial design impacted the way you lead your life? In celebration of the 4th annual […]

Interview – Emily Lutzker from OpenInvo

We had the priviledge of talking to Emily Lutzker founder and CEO of OpenInvo a company which aims to connect people who want ideas to people […]

DooLiper by Selina Jiao

Owning a pet may face many issues, such as management of pet waste. Canine faeces often contain micro organisms that is harmful to animals and people. […]

Why Freelancer, Service Seeking and Elance are Destroying the Freelance Design Industry

Article by Martin Gibson – Twitter: @martingibson @embody3d – 31.08.2010 In the last few years we have seen an emergence of global project centres for freelancers of […]

Interview – Paul Charlwood

Embody 3D had the great opportunity to talk to Paul Charlwood from Charlwood Design, the director of one of Australia’s most prestigious and innovative industrial design […]

Keyshot 2 Review

Article by Martin Gibson – Twitter: @martingibson @embody3d – 10.06.2010 Wait What on Earth is Keyshot 2? Keyshot 2 is a rendering program that can be used […]