Northern Beaches Website Design for Small-Medium Businesses

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A New Start for your Small Business

At Northern Beaches Websites we are excited to offer a range of new and innovative products to help the Northern Beaches go from a retail economy to a digital economy. There has been much inertia by some to go online and many of these reasons are understandable. The internet, the intangible, is something that is non-physical, how can you trust it, how do you know it is reliable, how can you have control of it, how can you leverage it.

However it is these traits that have made the internet as powerful and widespread as it is all built on a decentralised information architecture. Customers/clients on the Northern Beaches are increasingly turning online to find products and services because it is so accessible and fast. No longer should you have to open up the Yellow Pages or phone book and search alphabetically to find a company, and nor do you know how reputable they are anyway. With smartphone apps and search engines it is quick and easy to make assessments on potential businesses. Customers are now seeking opinions on what they should buy from online reviews like Yelp and Google product reviews and instead of a customer assessing maybe 1-3 businesses through a phone book customers can now analyse dozen of companies at once in multiple tabs.

This phenomenon rings true for me recently after renovating my unit, I would often assess 20-30 companies on what timber floor I should buy, and I am sure many of you have had the same experience. That’s why it is important to have a memorable presence online. Whether that is from an information website or an online ecommerce shop you have to be there to be found an easy to use, beautiful website can easily be the difference between winning a sale and loosing one. Already we have seen many unknown businesses power through heavyweight incumbents in their industry to become market leaders and unfortunately not always due to offering better products or services but merely by just being there where the customers are. Online technology is advancing so rapidly and it is becoming easier and more affordable than ever to have an online store for your small business; if you are not online selling your products you are missing out and you could be putting your business at risk strategically. There will always be a need for a physical presence and store front for many businesses but people will no longer be crawling around shopping malls and main street looking for products to buy they will be crawling the internet from their homes.

At Northern Beaches we offer a range of products and services catered to small-medium businesses from graphic design and branding, website development and online marketing to kick your business off to a healthy start online. We are your one stop shop for all your online business needs and offer excellent customer service, high quality and value products all at affordable prices.


Grab a quote today and find out how affordable we really are!

AUTHOR - Martin Gibson

Founder and Senior Web Designer/Developer & Graphic Artist of Northern Beaches Websites

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