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Social media with services like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest is becoming increasingly important for small-medium businesses. Recommendations from friends aka word of mouth, has always been a powerful way for people to find businesses and social media amplifies this effect. As I like to say you need to be SoLoMo, Social, Local and Mobile to succeed online. That’s why at Northern Beaches Websites we offer a wide range of design services which include social profile design:

Social Profile Design

Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus all have large graphic headers where you can immediately impact prospective customers. It is important that your profile design is consistent with the rest of your digital and physical branding to build strong brand recognition. This where our experienced graphic designers come in. We can custom design header graphics and icons for your website so you can look professional and presentable. Content deployment is another important aspect of social media development tat’s why we can provide strategic advice on what kinds of posts you should be posting, and what times of the day you should be publishing them to increase engagement with your audience. Social is all about having a cool image, you don’t want to come off as a shrewd seller, you always want to be offering your customers value and we can assist you with launching social media campaigns, brand awareness and also assist you with assessing the analytics and data of these campaigns so you can improve future campaigns.

the cake company facebook profile design

warringah plastics facebook design and content deployment

Website Integration

As well as developing your Facebook profile we can help bring your Facebook page to your website. There are a number of integrations we can make to your website which include implementing like buttons for Facebook, Google Plus on your posts and pages or on your websites sidebar. We can also deploy a widgetised version of your Facebook wall on your website which is ideally located in your websites sidebar or footer area.

We also can connect your commenting system with Facebook so people can login using their Facebook profile and their comments show up on Facebook! This is a great way to increase engagement and build a loyal following. Why should you have to repost all your blog and news items on social networking profiles?! That’s why we also offer auto publishing features to social networks like Twitter and Facebook so everything is synchronised and you never miss a post, this is handy for driving traffic to your target market directly. We can implement all these features for our information website customers. For our online shop customers we have another cool feature in store and that is social discounts. So just before a potential customer checks out they have the option of sharing their cart to their Facebook wall or Twitter Feed and they can receive a discount of your choosing. This discount can either be a fixed dollar amount or a percentage. This is a great way of establishing customer referrals.

Facebook PPC

Through our PPC advertising we can also establish and run your Facebook advertising campaign. Like I always say it is one thing having a great website or social networking page, what you need is a way for people to find it and that’s where PPC comes into play. PPC is affordable for small businesses on the Northern Beaches to connect to their target market. The great thing about Facebook PPC is its very focused advertising system which allows you to advertise to very precise demographics. So if you’re a cake company why not target people who are engaged so you can sell them wedding cakes and bonbonerie. If you are a plumber or locksmith why not target people who have posted about a leaky pipe or are locked out of their house or car? If you are selling sports equipment why not target people who are part of local sports clubs and organisations? The list goes on the and potential is unlimited. Facebook ads can either be text or image based and are at very affordable prices and you can price your ads at a 1000 impressions or cost per a campaign.

For large businesses Facebook advertising can be a great way of building brand awareness and not necessarily selling products immediately. So as well as being used for targeted and direct advertising to make initial sales it can also be used strategically to get eyeballs in front of your brand so the next time a customer make a purchasing decision your business will be first to mind.

AUTHOR - Martin Gibson

Founder and Senior Web Designer/Developer & Graphic Artist of Northern Beaches Websites

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