Complete Digital Illustration

Article by Martin Gibson – Twitter: @martingibson @embody3d – 14.02.2012 ISBN – 9781592537372 Complete Digital Illustration by Laurel Saville and published by Rockport combines traditional handcraft […]

Interview – Spencer Nugent

         Recently we had the pleasure of interviewing Spencer Nugent, a principal designer from Studio t-minus and co-founder of ID Sketching. A vibrant […]
25/02/2011 Now Offering Its Creative Professional 3D Design Services in the U.S. and Canada

Specialty 3D printing service helps industrial designers & architects bring ideas to life Award winning designers Elium Studio, Roubert Ravaux Clement and Sevnn win using […]

Interview – Sergey Timoshenko from ParaART

We had the priviledge of talking to Sergey Timoshenko from ParaART, CTO, Creative Director and Co-founder of ParaART Design Studio. ParaART specialises in providing high quality […]

ParaART Portfolio

ParaART, LLC is a leading edge company specializing in the development of breath taking design solutions. We have been delivering IT and Design solutions to happy […]

Australian designers must get to know their neighbours – DIA MEDIA RELEASE

20 December 2010 Australian designers must get to know their neighbours In today’s global design studio few can afford to design in a vacuum. “Our clients […]

Portfolios – An Essential Primer For Today’s Competitive Market – Maura Keller

Embody 3D will now begin reviewing books that may interest our readers. We have some really exciting pre-release titles that we will be reviewing over the […]