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Have You Been Caught By The Adobe Police?

Article by Martin Gibson – Twitter: @martingibson @embody3d – 29.06.2010 How prominent is software piracy in the industrial design industry? Lets find out together! In Australia and […]

Poll – What Software Do You Use to Design?

Original Image Courtesy of Cambridge Design Have Your Say! CAD and rendering software is such a vital part of our work as a digital industrial designer. […]

The Ipad – The Ultimate Industrial Design Accessory?

Is the soon to be released Apple Ipad the ultimate Industrial Design accessory or just another fad, or an over-priced note taker. You be the judge! […]

How much should I charge for Industrial Design Work?

Many times people ask me how much should I charge for Industrial Design Contract Work? Like many questions in life there is no definitive answer. In […]