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5 Inspirational Industrial Design Products of the Past

Mike James has a background in design and writes on topics relating to industrial design for Southern United Ltd, specialist label, nameplate and engraved plaque manufacturers of items for the Aerospace, Defence and Commercial sectors.


Industrial Design of the Winter Olympics Games

It’s that chilly time of year (well not in Australia anyway) but certainly in Vancouver the home of the 21st Winter Olympic Games. The Winter Olympics […]

143 Reasons to Wait for the Cars of the Future

In this article we are going to explore the world of concept cars! This comprehensive collection can be used as inspiration not just for automotive design […]

The Top Cliche Industrial Design Selling Points

Once and for all I am going to try and document the most commonly used cliche selling points industrial designers use. For some of us just […]

Top Australian Industrial Design Consultancies

In this post I will briefly outline some of most widely recognised Australian Design Consultancies/think-tanks/design houses and design studios. The majority of which are located on […]