The Convoluted Existence of Design

Article by Sarah-Jayne McCreath – @panda_mime @embody3d – SJ’s Blog –  18.10.2010 By Sarah-Jayne McCreath Ask members of the general public what they think design is […]

Refrigerator Designer/Engineer – Full Time

Position Title: Jewellery Display Material Designer Design Specialisation: Machinery Design Job Type: Full Time Location: London and China Applicant Location: Can be from anywhere in the […]

Leonardo by Frank Zollner

Although this book only covers the real artistic side of Leonardo and doesn’t attempt to cover the more exciting innovations of his career, Leonardo by Frank […]

The Edison Nation

Article by Martin Gibson – @embody3d @martingibson – 10.07.2010 This week we came across Edison Nation, a Web-based innovation platform that addresses the needs of major U.S. […]

Interview – Kirsten Black – Halo Headphones

Embody 3D had the great opportunity to talk to Kirsten Black, an industrial designer and entrepreneur from N.A.S.T. International. Kirsten has developed a brilliantly simple design […]

The Top Cliche Industrial Design Selling Points

Once and for all I am going to try and document the most commonly used cliche selling points industrial designers use. For some of us just […]