Inventum AquaSpot

iF Product Design Award 2011 GOLD for Inventum AquaSpot ! Utrecht, The Netherlands, March 3, 2011 The boiling water kitchen faucet, designed by Mathis Heller of […]

Coral Lamp by Marko Vuckovic

Here is presenting the Coral lamp which makes energetic aquatic environs within your residence. This is an innovative lighting dubbed the Coral lamp that separately from […]

The Colours of Product Design

For many product designers the consideration of product colour is often an oversight. It is quite often the very last aspect considered in the design process, […]

Interview – Richard Liddle – Cohda Design

Embody 3D had the great opportunity to talk to Richard Liddle, industrial designer from Cohda Design which has been branded as a ‘punk rock eco design […]

Understanding Strong Materials Part 2 – Designing Strong Products

In this second part of the article series ‘Understanding Strong Materials’ we will explore physical design strategies to optimise the strength of products you design. Sometimes […]

Review – Solidworks 2010

In Australia Solidworks has almost become an industry standard for hardcore product development and product engineering modelling. Designers often have a real love/hate relationship with Solidworks, […]

Review – Sustainable Product Design with Greenfly

‘Sustainable design’ has got to be the most over-used term in the product design industry for the last couple of years, and by the look of […]