Will Today’s Consumers Buy into Sustainable Design?

Bruce Renfrew is the Managing Director of Renfrew Group International who specialises in consumer product design and industrial design engineering.


Interview – Lisa Etheridge aka Lisa Tickled Pink

We had a great time talking to Lisa Etheridge a student at Unitec (New Zealand) studying furniture and product design. Lisa explains some of the positives […]

Cerevellum Cycle Computer

The Cerevellum is the first and only cyclometer with an integrated digital rear-view camera. The slim and lightweight design offers seamless mounting in front of the […]

Using a Depth Pen to Generate 3d Models!

Article by Martin Gibson – @embody3d @martingibson – 23.07.2010 It has always been a fantasy of mine for 3D modelling to become more virtual, more tacit. Why […]

Have You Been Caught By The Adobe Police?

Article by Martin Gibson – Twitter: @martingibson @embody3d – 29.06.2010 How prominent is software piracy in the industrial design industry? Lets find out together! In Australia and […]

Adobe Ideas – The Best Mobile Drawing App for Industrial Designers

Like many Iphone/Ipad/Ipod Touch users I find myself scouring the app store trying to find the most useful productivity/design apps. Last night I came across this […]

User Interface and Products – Part 1

This post titled: ‘User Interface and Products’ is a three part look at the design of interfaces from a product design perspective. In this first part […]