3d Design use in Graphic Design

Finding opportunities in graphic design may be difficult with an over-saturated market however don’t think two dimensional, think three-dimensional. Incorporation of the third dimension into design […]

Interview – Spencer Nugent

         Recently we had the pleasure of interviewing Spencer Nugent, a principal designer from Studio t-minus and co-founder of ID Sketching. A vibrant […]

Designing for Houdini – An unusual Industrial Design Persona Study

Article by Glenn Dwyer – @embody3d Monday – 23/02/11 Industrial designers sometimes get their persona profiles wrong by passing off their expectations and values of their […]

Design Quality Control – Minimising Mistakes

Article by Martin Gibson - @embody3d @martingibson - Monday - 8/11/10 This week in Industrial Design features the hottest links to other cool Industrial Design resources from around the web. For your weekly dose of Industrial Design news, events and products check out TWIID! If you have or know of a good resource for TWIID please get in touch with us!


The Convoluted Existence of Design

Article by Sarah-Jayne McCreath – @panda_mime @embody3d – SJ’s Blog –  18.10.2010 By Sarah-Jayne McCreath Ask members of the general public what they think design is […]

Picking Good Clients for Industrial Designers

Article by Martin Gibson – @embody3d @martingibson – 09.08.2010 Sometimes we have to remember it is not just about whether the client picks you, but you also […]

Solidworks Handy Tip!

So many people I know ask me questions about how Solidworks files are linked to one another. And sometimes I can’t blame them! For a typical […]

iPhone, therefore I am….

Article by Bala Email – Twitter: @baladesigner @embody3d – Check out January Design on Facebook – 30.06.2010 This week we celebrated World Industrial Design Day. It is […]

Injection Moulded Plastic Part Design Checklist

Our good friends at Form Loves Function have published a great design checklist for when designing injection moulded parts. The list is such a great starting […]

The Sustainable Design Lie – Consumerism vs Environmentalism

Unlike the picture above in this article I am not going to paint consumerism as the embodiment of all evil. In fact consumerism is a very […]

The Colours of Product Design

For many product designers the consideration of product colour is often an oversight. It is quite often the very last aspect considered in the design process, […]

What is the Best Rendering Program for Solidworks?

The last few days I have considered what Industrial Designers really need when it comes to a rendering program. Just recently on Embody 3D we did […]

Computational Inspiration for Product Design by Solid Thinking

The team at SolidThinking, makers of a software package that helps designers create, visualise, analyse and evaluate 3D models, gave us a white paper called Computational […]

Words of Wisdom for ID Course Beginners

If I had a time machine I would go back to the year 2006, sit myself down and pour out some priceless pieces of advice in […]

Taming the Dragon – The Manufacturing Apocalypse

Article after article, interview after interview on Embody3D has revealed one very prevalent theme, which is China’s inundation and domination of world manufacturing. Whether you’re in […]